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    Treatment of pain in the sole of the foot at home

    The most common cause of pain on the sole of the foot is compression of the interosseous nerve of the foot. Simply put, when the foot flattens all the bones on top of the foot become compressed, leading to pain.

    The first objective of treating pain on the top of the foot is to limit the flattening of the arch of the foot in order to avoid interosseous compression. You can accomplish this by using plantar supports and cradle shoes. Avoid walking barefoot, even at home.

    Follow this four-step plan for three weeks. Most people will see relief within a week or two. If your pain is not relieved in three weeks, see a Podiatrist.

    • Put plantar supports in your shoes. This will decrease painful joint mobility by preventing the arch of the foot from collapsing. A more arched plantar support with some stiffness is recommended. Over-the-counter foot supports will not work as well as quality custom-made orthotics, but they will help you anyway. The best type of plantar support for the treatment of foot arthritis is full-length support.
    • In the house, use a slipper with good arch support.
    • Wear sandals that offer exceptional arch support.
    • For even more relief, you can use a cradle-sole shoe. Cradle soles are very effective in reducing joint mobility.

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