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    Home treatment to reduce arthritic foot and ankle pain

    We strongly believe that foot arthritis should be treated by a qualified Podiatrist. You are likely to have better results with the help of a Podiatrist than if you try to treat it yourself. In addition, you will end up with much better protection for your foot and ankle joints if you get professional treatment.

    However, if you cannot see a Podiatrist immediately, here are some self-treatment methods that will help reduce the pain caused by foot arthritis.
    The first goal of treatment for midfoot or ankle arthritis is to limit the movement of the damaged joints. You can accomplish this by using plantar supports and cradle shoes. Avoid walking barefoot, even at home.

    Our 8 step plan for 3 weeks

    Most people will see relief within a week or two. If your pain is not relieved in three weeks, see a Podiatrist.

    1. Put plantar supports in your shoes

    This will decrease painful joint mobility by preventing the plantar arch from collapsing. It is ideal to use a plantar support that is more hollow and has some stiffness. Over-the-counter plantar supports will not work as well as quality custom-made plantar orthotics, but they will help. The best type of plantar support for the treatment of foot arthritis is full-length support. This type of semi-rigid, relatively long foot support limits the movement of painful joints in the foot.

    2. Use cradle-soled shoes

    This will limit painful foot and ankle movement. By limiting movement, this type of footwear is very effective in reducing the pain caused by arthritis in the feet and ankles.

    3. Otherwise, use stable walking shoes with a firm heel.

    You can get shoe recommendations from our list of recommended shoes. Well-stabilized shoes prevent excessive pronation. Excessive pronation (overpronation) can cause flattening of the arch of the foot and compression of the bones on the top of the foot.

    4. If you have arthritis of the ankle, use an ankle brace.

    Anklets limit movement in painful ankle joints. We recommend an ankle brace that offers good control and an easy fit in shoes.

    5. Use a slipper with good arch support.

    When you are at home, we recommend that you use a medical grade slipper.

    6. Use sandals that support the arch of the foot well.

    7. Ice the affected foot for ten minutes each night.

    8. Use a topical analgesic during the day.

    You don’t have to live with the pain of foot arthritis. If you have foot or ankle problems, make an appointment today and come see us.

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