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    Looking to buy women’s shoes?

    Women put more pressure on their feet, so wearing inappropriate footwear can lead to unnecessary foot problems. Some of the problems result from wearing high-heeled shoes (generally defined as heels greater than two inches). We believe that high heels are not medically recommended as they can cause posture and safety problems.

    A study conducted by the American Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Association revealed that:

    • Nine out of 10 women wear shoes that are too small for their feet.
    • Eight out of 10 women say their shoes are painful.
    • More than 7 out of 10 women have already experienced disorders such as bunions, claw toes, or other painful foot deformities.
    • Women are nine times more likely to develop a foot problem due to poorly fitting shoes than men.
    • Nine times out of 10, foot deformities in women are attributed to shoes that are too narrow.

    Pointed toe and high-heeled shoes can cause many orthopedic problems, leading to a disorder or injury to the toes, ankles, knees, calves and back. Most high-heeled shoes have a pointed toe, which means a narrow space for the toes that forces them to maintain a natural triangular shape. With this type of shoe, the weight of the body is distributed unevenly, which increases the pressure on the sole of the foot and the front of the foot. This uneven weight distribution, combined with the limited space available for the toes, can cause discomfort, painful bunions, hammertoes, and even other malformations. The height of the heel makes a huge difference in the pressure felt on the sole of the foot. With increasing heel height, the pressure under the sole of the foot can double, putting more pressure on the front of the foot. To relieve the effects of high heels, women can limit the time they use them by alternating them with espadrilles, which are good quality for part of the day. These types of shoes are comfortable and suitable for walking (also called “walking shoes”), work and social activities. Combining fashion and comfort considerations, these shoes offer both support for the heels and more space for the toes. Low-heeled shoes (one inch or less) that offer enough space for the toes are the best choice of shoes for women. Another ideal women’s footwear choice may be a walking shoe with laces, made of a single material and offering ample support for the heel. However, a heel height of no more than three-quarters of an inch should be maintained.

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