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    Are you looking to buy winter sports shoes?

    According to podiatrists, well-fitting ski boots and skates are the key to practicing this sport safely. Without a tight and precise fit, the pressure exerted by the continuous forward motion and lateral movement of the skis and skating in fast turns could cause discomfort or injury. If the boots and skates are too loose, your toes may become irritated. If they are too tight, the pressure exerted leads to blisters and abrasions that result in a multitude of painful problems and can lead to an accident. Waterproof footwear can also inhibit the circulation of blood vessels to the lower extremity and make your feet cold, which can be dangerous in a very cold environment.

    There are a multitude of ski boots, a back entry style to make entry easier and more comfortable, or “hybrid” styles that integrate different models. Modern strap and buckle systems allow boots to be modified to provide almost perfect access. A proper fit is equally important when wearing ice skates.

    Do not allow children to carry poorly adjusted skates, as they can cause inflammation or irritation of the feet. Poor ankle support in a skate that is too big can cause sprains, strains, or fractures. Regardless of the style chosen, skates should be laced and tightened, using all the eyelets. Our practitioners can evaluate the fit and make recommendations to improve comfort and performance on ice or slopes. Cross-country ski boots are manufactured and designed like the boots used for downhill cycling. Cross-country ski boots should not irritate the toes. Ski boots and skates can be adjusted from the inside to allow proper alignment between the boot and the leg. This improves the edge and enhances performance and control.

    Unlike ski boots, ice skates have a more standardized design. Tobogganing generally does not require special boots, but according to podiatrists, wearing insulated boots that are sufficiently flexible to take into account the torsion of the lower part of the body are the most adequate, in terms of a high level of safety.

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