Wear and tear on your shoes

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    When you buy new pairs of shoes, it may be helpful to bring your old shoes back to show them to the store if you have a knowledgeable salesperson. They will allow you to evaluate areas of wear and tear to help you get a better fit and a style that will fit and compensate for the shocks you apply to the shoes.

    What are your shoes trying to tell you?

    Here are some examples of classic wear :

    • Swelling and wear towards the location of the big toe: synonymous with shoes that are too narrow or that you have a bunion.
    • Shoes that face outwards only: orthotics may be useful.
    • Swellings form on the upper part of the shoe: synonymous with shoes that are too small or that you have hammer toes.
    • Wear and tear in the plantar arch means that the tendons in your heel may be too tight. This stretching is accentuated on your heel.
    • Wear and tear on the insole: If you suffer from pronation, you may need an insole lining or orthopedic supports.
    • Wear and tear on the top of the toes: The space in front of the shoe is too narrow.
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