Walking shoes

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    Looking to buy walking shoes?

    Choose a good quality, lightweight walking shoe made of breathable materials such as leather or nylon. Look for a very firm heel, the heel should have good cushioning to reduce any instability when the heel is in contact with the ground. The forefoot should also have adequate support and flexibility. Your choice of sport socks is also important. Choose socks that are padded with acrylic fibers, which tend to repel or even eliminate excessive perspiration. In fact, feet can produce a sweat level of 250,000 sweat glands at a rate of four to six ounces per day or more. The ideal walking shoe should be stable from side to side, offer good cushioning, and should allow you to walk smoothly.

    Many running shoes meet all of these criteria very well, and are comfortable for most people for a walking program. However, there are some walking shoes that may be right for you. These tend to be slightly less padded, but do not feel as light as running shoes. Most importantly, if you are wearing a walking shoe or running shoe, you need to feel some stability. Each shoe model is suitable if it fits your foot’s movement well, providing cushioning and stability.

    Here are a few practical tips that will help you when buying walking shoes:

    • Before buying a pair of shoes, proceed with this test. Place the shoe on the counter and check that the heel is straight. Make sure that the sole is well connected to the upper part of the shoe and that the seam is neat. Check the inside of the shoe for uneven bumps.
    • Check the shoe width, it should accommodate the width of your foot.
    • If you have bunions or other special considerations, consult our office on the best choice of shoes for you. If you have orthotic prescriptions, replace your insole with this insert (most shoes have removable insoles) to ensure that it fits properly, if possible.
    • Make sure you get good support in the plantar arch.
    • Remember that each shoe manufacturer uses a different basic shoe last. Some are longer or shorter than others, some fit the width of the foot perfectly, while others are cut to slim the foot.
    • Check that the top of the shoe’s heel is well cushioned and does not touch the ankle bone.

    Finally, note that when you wear your shoes, the heel should fit snugly. If they slip when you try them on in the store, they will slip while you walk. You should be comfortable in the shoes, and there should be a half to one inch of full width between the end of the big toe and the tip of the shoe.

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