The composition of a pair of shoes

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    There are different elements in the design of a pair of shoes. If you are able to understand how shoes are made, you will be able to make a more informed decision among the many shoe models available.

    A few things to consider :

    • The toe of the shoe or toe cap provides space for the toes. The toe can be rounded or pointed, and will help determine the space provided for the toes.
    • The vamp is the upper part of the shoe, where the laces are usually placed. Sometimes velcro is used instead of laces.
    • The sole is both inner and outer. The insole is on the inside of the shoe as its name suggests, the outsole is on the outside of the shoe and wears out when it comes into contact with the ground. The smoother the sole, the greater the ability of the shoe to absorb shocks.
    • The heel is the lower part of the back of the shoe that provides altitude. The higher the heel is, the more pressure there is on the front of the foot.
    • The upper is the part of the shoe that wraps around the foot to conform to the average shape of the foot. It makes it possible to distinguish the right foot from the left foot.
    • The material used to make the shoe can affect the fit and comfort of the shoe, or even reduce or increase the level of pressure felt in the foot. In addition, the use of rigid materials can lead to blistering. A counter can be used to harden the material around the heel and support the foot.

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