Tennis shoes

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    Looking to buy tennis shoes?

    When you plan to play tennis, experts recommend that you choose shoes specially designed for this sport. Running shoes, for example, are not designed to support the foot in the movements performed during this activity. They can therefore cause ankle and foot injuries. In addition, running shoes do not have padded foot boxes, which leads to toe injuries for tennis players. Tennis shoes are therefore the best choice.

    Tennis shoes should provide good support in the arch of the foot, a reinforced toe, ample toe space and an excellent collar in the back of the shoe. If the collar of the shoe is too high, it rubs against the Achilles tendon, a problem frequently encountered by tennis players. The heel of a tennis shoe should fit snugly to avoid sliding from left to right, and it should provide good cushioning. The arch should provide soft support, and the toe box should be deep enough to prevent nail injuries. Our practitioner can recommend a shoe that is best suited for your foot.

    When purchasing tennis shoes, try several pairs of tennis socks. Wear the socks and shoes and walk for a minute or two. Make sure your ankles are well supported.

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