Prescribed footwear

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    Are you looking to buy prescribed shoes?

    Many diabetic patients need special shoes such as :

    • Made to measure shoes. In the presence of important deformations, the pair of custom-made shoes will be designed from a mold or from the model of the Patient’s foot. However, these cases remain extremely rare.
    • External shoes. This involves modifying the outside of the shoe in some way, either by changing the shape of the sole or by adding shock absorbing pads or by modifying the materials used to make the shoe.
    • Healing shoes. Immediately after surgery or for the treatment of an ulcer, the Patient may wear custom-made sandals (open-toe), healing shoes or post-operative shoes.
    • Deep shoes. The deep shoe is the basis of prescription for most shoes. It is usually an Oxford type shoe with an extra ¼ of inches of depth in the shoe, which allows for a better fit when wearing orthotics. Depth shoes are also very lightweight, with soles made of pads, they come in different shapes and sizes to fit almost any foot.
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