Jogging shoes

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    Looking to buy jogging shoes?

    Jogging can exert a brutal force on your feet, legs, hips and spine. A good shoe selection is very essential to prevent injury or long-term problems.

    Some general advice:

    • Place the shoe on your longest toe, which is often the second toe.
    • You need to be comfortable in the shoes when you try them on.
    • Take the same socks that you will use for jogging. They should be designed without seams to avoid causing foot irritation. If you use very thick socks while running, use shoes that are wide enough. Most socks should be made of synthetic materials that wick moisture away from the foot. This reduces the risk of developing blisters.
    • The shoe must firmly support the heel.
    • Even if you wear the shoe, you should be able to wiggle all of your toes.
    • You must have at least 1 / 4 inch of space beyond your longest toe.

    Weight, foot structure, and the operating regime are all decisive factors in choosing the model of your pair of shoes. Be aware that all shoes have different shapes, sizes and widths. Determine if a special support will need to be placed in your shoe.

    Shoes should have a shock absorber to help absorb shocks, and should allow the feet to flex. Soccer shoes should have a reinforced toe, wide toe space, and be made of soft leather.

    Spiked shoes should be used on the proper field, have well-padded soles and sufficient support system to help prevent ankle and knee sprains.

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