Corrective footwear

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    Looking to buy corrective footwear?

    The use of appropriate footwear is a key component of the treatment program for people with diabetes, even for those in the early stages of the disease. If there are no symptoms of neuropathy, or numbness, proper footwear is crucial.

    People with diabetes should choose shoes :

    • Adaptive, to stabilize and support deformities such as Charcot’s foot, loss of adipose tissue, hammertoes and amputations. The use of these adaptive pairs can relieve pain and prevent further damage or possibly slow the progression of the existing deformity.
    • Which limit the movement of the foot joints, thereby reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and leading to a more stable and functional position for the foot.
    • Reduce shocks (vertical pressure on the lower part of the foot) or shearing (reduced blood flow to the feet)
    • Which relieve the pressure felt in the feet. Any area of excessive pressure can lead to skin lesions or ulcers. Footwear should help to relieve these high pressure areas, thus reducing the occurrence of related problems.
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