Classic sports shoes

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    Looking to buy sports shoes?

    Sports shoes must be designed to keep the foot in a position that is most natural for the movement being practiced. Sneakers must protect your feet from the stresses encountered during the practice of a given sport and give the player greater traction.

    Differences in design, material, weight, lacing and other features of sports shoes help protect sensitive areas of the foot. Athletic footwear should also be comfortable and appropriate for a given activity. The right choice will help reduce blisters and other skin irritations. Avoid wearing worn sports shoes. A running shoe is designed to withstand shocks, a pair of sneakers should provide relatively more support and allow for sudden stops.
    Cross trainers are great as a classic sports shoe, just as they are for physical education classes. Cross trainers are perfect for sports such as weightlifting, because they are more supportive, lighter and less flexible than running shoes.

    If a child is involved in a lot of sports activities, he or she should wear a shoe specially designed for that sport. We recommend the use of sturdy shoes, made of leather, with soft soles (but only on the sole of the foot), padding, plantar supports, and space for your toes. Try a well padded sock for reinforcement, preferably with an acrylic fiber component so that moisture and perspiration can evaporate. Soccer shoes should provide toe space and be made of soft leather. Spiked shoes should be used on the proper field, the soles should be well padded and the pair should provide a support system that can help prevent ankle sprains and knee injuries. Tennis shoes should provide good arch support, have a reinforced toe, ample toe space and a comfortable collar at the back of the shoe. If the collar is too high, it rubs against the Achilles tendon, a problem frequently encountered by tennis players. Basketball shoes should provide excellent support for lateral movement and extra stability to protect against ankle sprains.

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