Bicycle shoes

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    Looking to buy bicycle shoes?

    Fans will agree that cycling shoes are the most important piece of equipment for the cyclist. Bicycle shoes must have a stable upper to effectively transfer power from your feet to the pedals. A good support prevents the foot from giving way under the pressure of pedaling, to avoid plantar pain, tendon problems, or a warm feeling under the sole of the foot. If you have a pre-existing foot problem or if you wear shoe linings, invest in a special bicycle shoe. Most special shoes prescribed by a doctor, control the arch and heel, and for cycling, a forefoot balance is usually required.
    Cyclists with bunions or hammertoes should choose wider and deeper shoes that will accommodate the deformity.

    Bicycle shoes are generally classified according to their use, i.e. running and mountain biking. If you’re not an experienced cyclist and have never experienced foot problems, “cross-trainers” type footwear will generally provide the necessary arch and foot support. They also provide heel support.

    To meet the needs of the occasional runner, cross-trainers have recently become popular. To achieve maximum power, the cyclist may invest in footbeds, which range from traditional to the latest models designed with “automatic systems”, which resemble ski bindings.

    Adapted boots and clips or crampons are also important to achieve maximum efficiency.

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