Aerobic shoes

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    Looking to buy aerobic shoes?

    Proper footwear is crucial for practice, aerobic exercise without injury. Aerobic footwear must provide sufficient cushioning and shock absorption to compensate for the pressure that is exerted on the foot. Note that the pressure level is much higher than during activities such as walking. Aerobic shoes must also have good medial and lateral stability. Aerobic impact forces can reach up to six times the level of the force of gravity transmitted to each of the 26 bones of the foot.

    Because of the movements performed, the appropriate footwear for this exercise requires an excellent design in the plantar arch to compensate for these pressure points, and a support strap thick enough to ensure the stability of the forefoot and prevent the foot from slipping into the shoe. Make sure the shoes have a toe box wide enough to prevent toe and nail irritation. Many people agree that the old sneakers in your closet are probably not appropriate shoes for aerobics. Today’s leading shoe manufacturers have designed special aerobic footwear that provides good support for the arch and extremities of the foot, and have soles that make it easier to twist and move around in an aerobic pattern.

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