Additional tips for choosing your shoes

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    Here are a few more tips on how to live with comfortable shoes that fit your feet:

    • Avoid seams in areas of pain, such as the extremities.
    • Avoid shoes with rubber soles that have a buckle up in the toe area (as seen on some running shoes), as they can get caught on carpets and cause an accidental fall.
    • Prefer flat shoes (with a heel height of one inch or less). If you must wear a high heel, stick to a heel height of two inches or less, limit it to three hours to one hour.
    • Favour lace-up shoes, to provide safer access and to facilitate the insertion of insoles, orthotics and other orthopedic devices.
    • Look for soles that cushion and limit slippage, such as rubber soles rather than smooth leather soles.
    • The shoe should be made of a soft material, such as glove leather.
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