Fitness and your feet

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    Your feet are one of the most neglected parts of the body when exercising or working out. When you work out, “listen” to your feet.
    Consult your doctor before starting a fitness program. This includes a complete physical examination and a foot examination. This is especially important for overweight people, those who smoke and those who have not had a physical check-up for a long time.

    A good fitness session requires good clothing and appropriate footwear. In warm weather, wear loose, light-colored clothing and in cold weather, wear several layers of clothing.

    The American Association of Medical Podiatry emphasizes the importance of foot care during physical exertion. People don’t realize how much pressure is put on their feet during exercise. For example, a 150-pound athlete puts more than 150 tons of pressure on his feet over a distance of three miles.

    Poor treatment of the feet during physical activity can cause about 100 foot diseases, according to the AFPA.
    Among these disorders are :

    • Athlete’s foot;
    • Light bulbs;
    • Corns and calluses (including the calcaneal spur).

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