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    There are more than 24 million people practicing aerobics. This activity is very beneficial for health, but requires some learning in order to avoid injury.

    Aerobics has many benefits.  It contributes to better cardio-respiratory efficiency, strengthens the heart and lungs, improves blood circulation, reduces cholesterol levels and reduces stress and anxiety.

    Aerobics involves rapid lateral movements, jumps, leaps and bounds for long periods of time, it is vital to provide good care for your feet. If your feet suffer from hyper pronation, it is particularly important to consult us. We can recommend orthopedic inserts to reposition your feet.

    Avoiding injuries

    Injuries are common in activities such as aerobics, and most often affect the foot, ankle and leg. Wearing inappropriate footwear, contact with certain surfaces, or muscle tension can lead to foot problems.

    According to experts, hardwood floors, especially with padded mats, are the best surfaces for your feet during aerobic exercise.

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