Sports Medicine

    State-of-the-art sports injury care to maximize your performance.

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    Sports Medicine

    Physical activity places unusual extra loads on your feet and ankles. Practicing a sport or physical activity can cause injuries for several reasons: poor body mechanics, medical problems already present, poor weight distribution, poor footwear. At the Downtown Podiatric Clinic, we offer state-of-the-art care for injuries as well as specific programs for your sport, designed to maximize the performance of your feet, prevent injuries and allow you to resume the activities you enjoy. If you are suffering from a sports injury that affects your feet or ankles, call us today to book an appointment.

    Stay fit while you heal

    One of our goals with our fit patients is to keep them fit while they heal. Even if you have to wear a boot to allow your foot to heal, we want you to be able to continue training. We can even help you maintain your workouts at high intensity intervals. You can visit our Training with a Foot Injury page for detailed instructions on how to stay in shape while your foot heals.

    Surgery is our last resort for active patients

    Surgery is always our last resort for almost all foot and ankle problems. This is even more true for athletes, as our goal is to get you back to your activities as soon as possible. There is almost always a non-surgical solution to foot and ankle problems.

    Bring your shoes to your appointment

    We want to evaluate the shoes you wear during your workouts. Please bring all the shoes you use during your physical activities to your appointment. Shoes that have already been worn are more useful to us as we can assess signs of wear and tear. You can bring your shoes even if they have not been worn: we want to evaluate their function and fit. If you need new shoes, don’t buy them before you meet with us.

    Bring the orthotics or plantar supports you use in your sports shoes

    If you wear orthotics or foot supports during your physical activities, bring them with you to your appointment: we will also need to evaluate them.

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