Choosing your shoes

    The choice of shoes is paramount in the relief of your feet.

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    How to evaluate your shoes

    We put ourselves in your shoes.

    Footwear is an essential part of the treatment of foot and ankle problems, and is often the cause of them. We know that feet are all different, and this is also true for shoes. That’s why we evaluate your shoes and how they relate to your symptoms, foot shape, gait, weight, lifestyle and general biomechanics. In addition, we will inform you on how to choose the right shoes, and we will give you a list of the best shoes for your needs.

    A stable shoe has the following 3 qualities:

    1. Stable buttress
    2. Difficult to bend
    3. Fold at the front, not in the middle.
      A stable shoe should bend where the toes bend, not in the middle of the foot.

    Tips for a good shoe fit

    • Try on the shoes at the end of the day
    • Try on the shoes wearing the thickest socks you are likely to wear with these shoes.
    • You must be standing when taking a measurement.
    • Take the measurements of your two feet. Most people have one foot larger than the other; take the shoes that fit your larger foot.
    • There should be the space of a finger between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe.
    • The buttress must be adjusted to your heel.
    • The front of the foot must not get stuck.
    • The foot must not slip on the sole.
    • Don’t rely on the size of the shoe, rely on the fit. It doesn’t matter if you wore a size 5 shoe at age 22 and now the clerk tells you to try a size 9. Only Cinderella has always worn the same shoes. The size of your feet will change with age, and sizes are not the same from one brand to another.
    • Don’t buy a shoe that is too narrow. It won’t stretch to fit your foot.

    Recommended shoes

    We evaluate the shoes available on the market at least twice a year. Our list of recommended shoes contains many of the best shoes we have found; most are shoes that offer better stability. In addition, we suggest some of the best shoe stores in the Montreal area. Make an appointment for more information on them.

    Shoe Fitting Tips

    A good fit of your shoes is an essential element for the health of your feet. Our list of shoe fitting tips gives you the 10 most important points for a good fit of your shoes.

    Shoe modifications

    Shoes can be modified in many ways to relieve pain, protect the joints and provide a better fit and comfort. Our shoe modification page explains many of the modifications that are routinely prescribed for our patients.


    Socks are an essential part of healthy feet, and the right socks will reduce pain and prevent many problems.

    Hiking boots

    Well-fitting hiking boots are the secret to preventing injuries on your hikes. Choosing the right boots is the first step to a successful hike.

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