Biomechanical examination

    We can help you solve your foot problems with state-of-the-art technology.

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    Solving your problems using advanced biomechanics

    Your feet and ankles are complex load-bearing structures with several interrelated moving parts: that’s why your foot and ankle problems must be assessed with a “biomechanical examination”. Many problems can be effectively treated by correcting biomechanical function. At our Montreal Podiatric Clinic, physicians offer a unique level of advanced training. Some of them are among the most specialized and experienced experts in the region and have a regional, and even national, reputation in lower limb biomechanics. Biomechanical care includes orthotics, footwear, shoe modifications, physiotherapy and more.

    Analysis of the approach

    Many foot problems are caused by abnormal foot function when walking. Our gait analysis system equipped with 4 slow motion cameras allows doctors to evaluate each step of your gait while walking or running to determine the best treatment for you. Abnormal gait biomechanics can cause foot problems such as arch and heel pain or bunions on the feet. In addition, changes in foot function can cause knee, hip or back problems. Our doctor is an expert in human biomechanics and will help you find the cause of your problems and the best treatment to relieve them.

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