The best orthotics for runners

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    What are the best types of orthotics for runners?

    Running puts a lot of strain on the feet and legs. If you have abnormal biomechanics, an injury can easily occur. Many runners can prevent injuries by using foot orthotics that are specifically designed for the biomechanics of running.

    A study conducted in 2008 examined the short and long term effects of foot orthotics on runners. The study found that after six weeks of using custom-made orthotics, subjects found :

    • an improvement in symptoms (a 73.1% decrease)
    • a significant decrease in pain

    In a 2000 study, it was found that people with a history of running injuries had a significantly higher impact force when their foot touched the ground. Other studies have shown that custom-made foot orthotics can reduce the forces that lead to injuries in runners.

    If you already have foot orthotics that you wear every day, they can often be used in running shoes. However, orthotics made specifically for running can often provide better protection against injury. According to recent studies on orthotics for runners, running orthotics should have the following features :

    • Excellent adhesion to the arch of the foot to improve foot contact and spread tension over a large area. These are called “high grip orthotics”.
    • Additional cushioning coating. A study in 2008 showed that a thin layer of additional cushioning can reduce the speed of the foot when it lands on the ground, resulting in a decrease in the tension in all the lower limbs.
    • An orthosis width equivalent to the width of the foot to ensure that the edge of the orthosis does not irritate the lower part of the foot.
    • A friction-reducing coating to reduce the potential for blistering.
    • A shock absorber in the heel area

    Our Podiatrist is an expert in prescribing orthotics for runners. The quality of orthotics varies greatly from practitioner to practitioner, and for runners in particular, it is extremely important that the orthotics are made in a very precise manner. If you are in the Montreal area, you can make an appointment and have your feet examined at the Downtown Podiatric Clinic.

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