The best orthotics for ACL injuries

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    There is evidence in the medical literature that the use of orthotics can reduce the risk of injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) inside the knee.

    A very interesting study was conducted over a 13-year period and was finally published in 2008. During this study, the researchers followed a particular women’s college basketball team.

    During the first phase of the study, which lasted four years, the team did not use foot orthotics. For the next nine years, each team member received foot orthotics. Next, the number of knee ligament injuries divided by the number of games and training sessions was calculated.


    The results are very interesting. ACL injuries were 7.14 times more likely in players who did not wear orthotics.

    Why do orthotics help prevent ACL injuries?

    A number of studies show that overpronation (flattening of the foot) causes a rotation from one leg to the other. While this is happening, tension is increased in the ACL leading to an increased risk of injury.

    So who should wear orthotics to prevent ACL injuries?

    It is difficult to answer such a question. We certainly do not claim that everyone should wear orthotics to prevent ACL injuries. Given the results of this study, it seems logical that anyone with a history of ACL rupture should wear orthotics. In addition, women are much more likely to impair their ACL. Therefore, it may be beneficial for women who participate in sports and have had a high amount of ACL injuries (basketball, soccer, etc.) to wear foot orthotics. Especially for women who are overpronounced. Make an appointment and come see us at our clinic in Montreal so we can discuss this further.

    What type of orthotics should I choose?

    Our goal when prescribing orthotics (which helps prevent ACL injury) is to limit the rotation of the leg that exerts tension on the ACL. To do this, we must limit the pronation of the foot as much as possible. A highly specialized orthosis is required to achieve this goal. We will usually use a high-grip orthosis with several functionalities to increase the level of control. To be examined for orthotics, call today to make an appointment at our podiatry clinic in Montreal.

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