Calluses of the big toe

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    Calluses that form on the side of the big toe are a common disorder. It can cause pain and numbness in the sides of the big toe.

    What causes calluses and numbness in the big toe?

    Calluses, pain or numbness in the big toe are caused by a blockage of the big toe joint when walking. This is called hallux rigidus. When the big toe is not able to move properly, you are forced to walk on the outside of the big toe. This pinches the skin and causes callus formation. It can also irritate the nerve in the toe and cause numbness and pain. Calluses on the big toe and numbness of the big toe are also very common in patients with a bunion. In fact, these problems are present in most patients with bunions because they are forced to walk on the outer side of the big toe, pinching the skin and causing numbness and calluses.

    What is the most effective treatment for calluses and numbness in the big toe?

    Since a lack of movement of the big toe joint causes calluses, the best way to treat it is to use shoes and foot orthotics that improve the function of the big toe. You should use stable shoes. Custom-made foot orthotics can be prescribed to optimize the function of the big toe to eliminate callus formation. For best results and to reduce your callus, you will need a very specialized orthotic called a “high adhesion orthotic”. Several studies have shown that this type of foot orthosis can improve the movement of the big toe. To see if you can get foot orthotics or to treat your big toe calluses, make an appointment and come see us at our podiatry clinic in Montreal.

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