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    No matter what affects your feet, we can help you

    Foot pain can have a profound impact on your life and can prevent you from enjoying even the simplest activities such as standing or walking. Many foot conditions can be easily treated at home and with preventive measures. The most serious foot conditions may require the care of a qualified podiatrist such as our doctor. In addition to common foot problems such as calluses and athlete’s foot, we also treat a wide range of foot problems, including:

    • Overpronation is an excessive rotation of the foot that can cause pain and injury.
    • Pregnancy can cause swelling of the feet, flat feet, pain when walking and overpronation..
    • Foot drop is a serious condition that limits the mobility of the foot and usually requires the use of an orthotic device.
    • Foot cramps are painful and can be caused by muscle fatigue or other factors.
    • Sore feet can be caused by a wide variety of disorders, some more serious than others.
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