Treatments for numb and tingling feet

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    It is quite common for us to experience symptoms of numbness or tingling in our feet at rest and during exercise, especially when cycling. Numbness is a sensation of paralysis occurring on different parts of the body, this sensation is called “paresthesias” in medicine. In this article, we will deal mainly with numb feet.

    Numbness of the feet can be caused by a variety of causes, ranging from the mildest such as a tingling sensation in the foot to the most severe such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or sclerosis. It is therefore necessary to consult a specialist when you feel tingling in your feet, who will be attentive to your needs. Don’t wait any longer and make an appointment with a podiatrist while bringing your exercise shoes. He will surely do some exercises to help you make the best diagnosis.

    Prevention of numbness in the feet

    The numbness of a foot or the burning, tingling, numb toes, tingling in the feet are therefore part of fairly frequent disorders, but they can also come from more serious causes such as an irritated nerve problem, or poor blood circulation.

    The sensation of numbness is painful and unpleasant and is transmitted by nerve endings or damaged nerves in the affected area. It can also be due to pressure on the nerve when staying in one position for a long time and can sometimes be preceded or followed by the symptom of tingling in a foot. There are many possible causes for this foot pain and simple gestures can overcome numbness or tingling in the feet.

    Numbness therefore occurs very frequently when you stay in the same position for a long time, so you should simply move your foot by changing position to stimulate blood circulation. Never cross your legs for too long and avoid sitting on your feet. Regular physical activity is also recommended. However, in some athletes, it may be the activity itself that causes symptoms such as jogging or cycling. You may also need to stretch after exercise.

    Wearing appropriate footwear is also important in the prevention of these types of symptoms. A numb foot on a bike is quite common, and can be avoided with the right footwear. It should fit snugly and comfortably, and not squeeze your toes or heel too tightly. This is also the case with clothing. Other means of prevention are foot massage, which can boost your blood circulation, or the use of a hot water bottle or hot water. Warm water helps to relieve numbness and tingling.

    Despite the application of these prevention tips, you still suffer from numbness in your toes or foot, it is important in this case to consult a doctor to find out the exact cause of your pain. If these sensations are also associated with paralysis, loss of control of your foot, or muscle weakness, we strongly advise you to go to a specialized clinic to have your pathology evaluated and a clear diagnosis made.

    Causes and Activities Related to Foot Numbness

    The causes of foot numbness can be multiple, ranging from simple nerve pressure, poor movement, the practice of certain physical activities to more serious causes.

    All types of physical activity can cause numbness in the feet, such as cycling, elliptical machines, or climbing stairs and jogging. Most of the time this is caused by pressure from a nerve in the foot and results in a tingling in the toes or a burn in the numb area. Excessive pressure on the nerves can also cause a neuroma in the most severe cases.

    Other causes may be the result of an injury to the feet, spine or head, diabetes, poor blood circulation, cardiovascular disease, hypothyroidism, a lack of vitamin B, D or magnesium, or even pathologies such as arthritis, sclerosis, fibromyalgia… Taking certain medications may also cause numbness in the feet, such as antiretroviral drugs for example.

    To know the exact cause of these tingling and numbness, your doctor will ask you certain questions such as the location of these symptoms, their consistency, but also the associated disorders.

    Numbness in the feet when cycling and jogging

    Cyclists and joggers are more likely to suffer from these symptoms, as the practice of these activities promotes excess pressure on the nerves in the foot area and can therefore cause numbness. This is why, as a first step to prevent numbness while jogging, it is important to wear jogging and cycling shoes that fit properly and are not too tight. The tingling of your feet while cycling is quite common, so it is also advisable to use orthoses to ensure a good foot support.

    It is therefore essential to follow these different advices in order to avoid suffering from numb feet when cycling, elliptical biking or running. Thanks to the specialists at Montreal’s Podiatric Clinic, we will evaluate the fit of your shoes to avoid poor blood circulation and disabling injuries.

    Self-treatment of numb feet and plantar supports

    Many natural treatments, home remedies, but also foot supports such as a podiatric sole when flattening the arch of the foot can help reduce nerve compression and thus reduce sensations of numbness and tingling. Controlling your blood circulation, but also your blood sugar level can help you control these symptoms. Exercise, eating a balanced diet, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, but also losing weight are other tips to apply to avoid numbness in your feet.

    Taking supplements and vitamins such as B12 will be natural treatments to consider such as raising your legs, massage of the extremities and the practice of acupuncture or acupressure.

    In all cases, we strongly advise you to consult a specialist if you suffer from numbness or tingling in your feet. He will evaluate the symptoms and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Contact us today to book an appointment at our Montreal clinic.


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