Treatment of pain on the top of the foot

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    Whatever foot pain is bothering you, our doctor and our team can certainly relieve it quickly, safely and, in most cases, without surgery.

    The first step is to locate the point of pain. Indeed, it can be located in various areas of the foot. For example, pain under the foot, which you perceive as intense under the heel, may be caused by plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the fascia (thick fibrous membrane) at the very spot where it joins the heel bone.

    Pain on the top of the foot can be due to various causes: back compression due to a flat foot; arthritis, stress fracture, etc.

    In addition to causing pain above the foot, the fracture is usually accompanied by swelling and requires a medical consultation to clarify the diagnosis. If this type of forefoot pain affects you, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor.

    Conversely, you may feel pain in the Achilles tendon at the back of your foot. Your pain may also be characterized by pain in the top of the foot when walking or pain in the top of the foot at rest.

    Our feet play an essential role in our lifestyle, whatever it may be. Our work and leisure activities place great demands on them and require that they remain efficient for as long as possible. So there is really no point in enduring foot pain.

    Causes of pain on the top of the foot

    In addition to constantly or almost constantly supporting the weight of our body, our feet can also suffer from the poor choice of shoes we impose on them. In any case, they end up undergoing certain shocks or rubbing or injuries that cause pain. We are going to look at the most frequent causes of pain on the top of the foot…

    What makes the top of our feet hurt?

    Back compression is one of the most common causes of this type of pain. This syndrome is often caused by a flat foot.

    Sagging of the arch of the foot causes the inner arch of the foot to narrow, increasing the pressure between the bones in such a way that pain sets in and intensifies on the top of the foot depending on the type of activities you do.

    How can back compression be remedied? First of all, the treatment consists of reducing the pressure between the bones. To this end, we must try to stop the foot from sagging. At Montreal’s Podiatric Clinic, we favour the use of an orthosis that perfectly fits the arch of your foot. This assistive device is also known as a full contact orthosis. The arch of this type of orthosis precisely follows the arch of the foot to ensure maximum efficiency in order to reduce pressure and relieve pain. As you can see, not all types of foot orthotics act in the same way, especially when it comes to this type of problem.

    Our doctor and our team will give you sound advice on the type of orthosis you need according to the foot pain that assails you.

    Other causes of pain are usually related to a stress fracture, arthritis of the foot, a deviation of the big toe outward (hallux valgus), etc. Some pain under the foot may also radiate and create discomfort on the top of the foot.

    Stress fracture is also among the causes. It is defined as a fatigue fracture, a crack in the bone due to recurrent stress on the foot. Repeated physical exercise or continuous standing work can cause these types of small fractures. This is because the demand on the muscles and tendons becomes too high. In addition to causing pain above the foot, this type of minor injury is usually accompanied by swelling and requires a medical consultation to clarify the diagnosis.

    The solution? Once the fracture has been detected, rest and the adoption of shoes that support the foot are effective. Some larger fractures may require a cast. All of this should be discussed with your healthcare professionals.

    As far as foot arthritis is concerned, it is an inflammatory joint disease. Swelling may occur depending on the form of arthritis or osteoarthritis. A consultation will clarify the nature of your pain, the cause and the appropriate treatment.

    Solutions to pain on the top of the foot

    Many foot pains can be treated naturally, without the need for surgery. The use of adapted insoles, rehabilitation exercises, custom-made orthotics… All these solutions, when recommended by a foot health professional, prove to be very effective.

    In the area of prevention, the wearing of shoes adapted to our feet should be at the forefront. In the same vein, foot care with a pedicure or pedicure will keep our nails in good condition, prevent fungus and treat calluses properly.

    It is not only the bones of the foot that cause pain. In fact, the entire architecture of our feet is complex. We must ensure their hygiene and good health just like any other part of our body.

    The idea of a consultation in a podiatric clinic should not seem futile to you. A health professional like our doctor can, by performing a clinical examination, treat your pains, but also act in prevention according to the current state of your feet, your lifestyle, etc.

    Remember that a foot orthosis can vary considerably according to each person’s needs. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with a Podiatrist to treat your feet properly.

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