Preventing falls in the elderly

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    Falls can have devastating effects on the elderly.

    Falls in the elderly often lead to fractures and other injuries that can result in a loss of mobility and freedom to move around independently. Any adult who feels unstable or clumsy when walking should opt for a falls prevention program.

    Foot pain increases the risk of falls.

    Studies have shown that foot pain can increase the risk of falls. Foot pain changes the way we walk and can lead to inappropriate imbalance.

    Studies show that simple modifications can significantly reduce the risk of falls.

    A 2011 study showed that a falls prevention program for a group of seniors reduced falls by 36% compared to a control group, according to a British Medical Journal study.
    Investigators divided subjects with foot pain into two groups. They all received one year of foot and ankle care. The 153 people in the intervention group also participated in a program that included the use of orthotics, shoe recommendations and subsidies, ankle and foot strengthening exercises and falls prevention classes.

    Podiatric falls prevention program reduced falls by 36%.

    Participants who received foot orthotics, footwear recommendations and exercise counselling experienced 36% fewer falls than those who did not participate in the program. In the intervention group, only one patient suffered a fracture compared to seven patients in the control group. Investigators found significant improvements in subjects in the intervention group, particularly in strength, range of motion and balance.

    Falls Prevention Program at Montreal Podiatric Clinic

    We have developed a fall prevention program based on current studies for patients at Montreal Podiatric Clinic. Our falls prevention program includes:

    • an assessment of the risk of falling
    • appropriate footwear recommendations
    • prefabricated or custom-made orthotics
    • Custom-made orthotics offer greater stability, but are more expensive. Prefabricated orthotics offer less stability but are less expensive. We can work with you to help you choose the best solution for your situation.
    • an exercise program and the opportunity to talk to a physiotherapist

    Avoid falls by making an appointment

    If you or a loved one may be at risk, contact us today to schedule an appointment at our podiatric clinic in Montreal. Ask for a fall prevention exam.

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