Ingrown toenails

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    We treat ingrown toenails every day. However, the day we treat the most ingrown toenails is Friday. I don’t know why this happens, but I suspect that people live with this pain all week believing that their ingrown toenails will improve, then on Friday they decide they don’t want to live with this pain on the weekend.

    We try to see everyone with ingrown toenails in our clinic as soon as possible; usually on the day of their call. It is an easy trip for anyone living in the Montreal area.

    The procedure itself is essentially painless. We will first use a cold spray to numb the skin, give you a local anesthetic, and make sure the area of your nail is completely numb before starting to work. In about two minutes, your ingrown toenail will be healed. Usually, you are back to your normal daily activities the very next day.

    You do not have to live with an ingrown toenail. If you are in the Montreal area, make an appointment so that we can relieve your pain. Be sure to tell us about your ingrown toenail so that we can treat you as soon as possible.

    If it is a last minute appointment, there may be a little wait at our clinic, but we will take care of you.

    To make an appointment, call 514 931-6111 or visit

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