Fingernails: indicators of your overall health

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    Foot and nail health is an indicator of overall health.

    We take our feet and toenails for granted. They remain hidden in shoes and socks most of the time, under our desks, chairs or blankets. It can be easy to forget that they are important indicators of our overall health. They should always be cared for, especially when a problem arises. Toenail conditions can indicate the presence of an undiagnosed disease and underlying problems such as anemia or psoriasis.

    Toe nail conditions that we treat

    Black nail

    This is bleeding under the nail. Not only is it ugly, it is also painful. Click here to learn more about the causes of black nails and the recommended treatment.

    Ingrown Nails

    They occur when the edges of the nail pierce the skin of the toe, frequently on the big toe. Ingrown toenails can be painful and degenerate into a more serious problem if left untreated. Click here to learn more about treatment options for ingrown toenails.

    Nail fungus

    Also known as onychomycosis, this condition is a fungal infection that develops below the surface of the nail. Click here to see the risk factors for nail fungus and the causes of this disease and also to learn how we diagnose and treat it.

    Cutting and refining thick nails

    Thick nails are a difficult condition to treat and care for. It is important to be careful when trimming and refining thick toenails. Follow this link for instructions and to learn how to properly care for thick toenails.

    Safe pedicures

    Unsanitary pedicures can cause many of the toenail problems listed above and put your health at risk. Pedicures could lead to fungal, viral and bacterial infections. Click here to learn how to protect yourself before putting your health at risk with a pedicure service.

    Toenail problems can happen to anyone of any age. These nail problems could put your body’s health at risk. If you have any toenail condition, make sure you treat it promptly. If your condition does not respond to self-treatment, contact Montreal Podiatric Clinic to make an appointment so that we can relieve your pain and restore the health of your feet.

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