Black nails

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    The phenomenon of black nails (subungual hematoma) occurs when blood accumulates under the nail.

    Black Nail Treatment

    A subungual hematoma must be evacuated to relieve the pain and allow a quicker recovery. We can evacuate the hematoma quickly and painlessly. If your toe is sensitive, we will numb it before proceeding with treatment. Relief is almost instantaneous.

    The cause of black nails

    A subungual hematoma is caused by trauma received on the toe, usually due to ill-fitting shoes. This may be because the shoe is too tight (exerting excessive pressure on the tip of the foot) or too loose (allowing the tip of your foot to crush). Don’t forget to bring your shoes to your appointment so that we can evaluate them and give you recommendations regarding them.

    Healthy feet allow for regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. If you are experiencing pain from bleeding under your toenail, make an appointment and come see us at our clinic in Montreal. We can offer you conservative treatment options that will help relieve your pain.

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