Dysfunction of the posterior tendon of the tibia

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    Dysfunction of the posterior tendon of the tibia is the main cause of flat foot in adults. One of the worst forms of flat foot is due to the weakening or rupture of a tendon called the posterior tibial. Weakening of this tendon leads to adult flat foot which is a progressive flattening of the foot.

    This condition can lead to significant changes in the position and function of the foot. The collapse of the arch of the foot can lead to arthritis, ankle pain, foot pain, fatigue, tendon pain and changes in the shape of the foot. The changes in gait caused by such a collapse can lead to knee, hip and back pain.

    We can usually treat posterior tibial tendon dysfunction with conservative treatment and surgery is rarely necessary. However, it is important to get a complete examination as soon as possible to avoid damage to the foot.

    Diagnostic tests will include muscle tests, gait examination and x-rays. An MRI exam may be required to assess the integrity of the tendon. If the tendon is damaged, we will discuss options for treatment or repair of the tendon. Sometimes immobilization becomes necessary.

    Dysfunction of the posterior tibial tendon normally requires long-term orthotic treatment. Specialized and wide orthoses that offer several advantages and are designed to provide greater control than standard orthoses are often required. Standard orthoses are usually not effective in the treatment of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Sometimes even orthotics cannot provide enough control and in some cases we may have to prescribe leg orthotics and shoe modifications to give more control and better pain relief.

    We specialize in the treatment of conditions associated with the flat foot, including posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Our goal is to treat the problem without the need for surgery. The earlier you visit us, the more we will be able to help you with conservative treatment.

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