Arthritis and the foot

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    Is it possible that I have arthritis of the foot?

    Absolutely! Arthritis is a joint damage or inflammation that can affect any joint in your body. Your feet are particularly susceptible to developing arthritis because each foot has 33 joints that are subjected to an enormous amount of stress every day. Your symptoms may include generalized pain in a joint or an entire area of your foot.

    Treatment of foot arthritis

    Arthritic joints will be evaluated by our podiatrist doctor. It is important to check the amount of joint damage, if any. Just like any joint in the body that is affected by arthritis, the joints of the foot have some protection. What is unique about foot arthritis is that you must continue to walk despite the condition. Our job is to reduce the pain and the forces exerted on the foot joints. You don’t have to live with foot pain, make an appointment to come and see us at our podiatric clinic in Montreal.

    Foot orthotics can protect the arthritic joints of the foot

    We often prescribe custom-made foot orthotics for our arthritis patients. In this situation, foot orthotics limit the movement of damaged joints. By limiting movement, we usually reduce the pain experienced. In order to better limit movement in the medial part of the foot, we prescribe plantar orthoses that fit the arch of the foot. These are called “strong adhesion orthoses”.

    Footwear for arthritis of the foot

    In general, shoes that are deeper and a little stiffer control joint movement better. We work with all of our patients to help them find shoes that help their feet and fit their lifestyle. In addition, we can prescribe shoe modifications that protect arthritic joints.

    Special Circumstances

    A severe form of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, may require a more specialized treatment plan and protection. It is suggested that you work with a team of specialists, including a Rheumatologist, Podiatrist and Physiotherapist, to develop a long-term treatment plan. You may need to consider purchasing special or even custom-made shoes to make room for the bone changes that have occurred. Often, there will be the most pain and deformity in the sole of the foot. Specialized foot orthotics that provide cushioning and shock absorption are available.

    Common Types of Arthritis Affecting Feet

    You don’t have to live with foot pain. If you are experiencing symptoms, call us for an examination at our podiatry clinic in Montreal.

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