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    If you are experiencing ankle pain or you have an ankle condition make an appointment at our clinic in Montreal as soon as possible.   Your ankle is a complex joint and with each step you take, it must absorb a force many times greater than your body weight – making it susceptible to chronic overuse.
    In addition, the ankle is the most commonly injured joint in the lower limbs.  The most common injury is an ankle sprain, but fractures, tendonitis, nerve problems and other injuries are also common.  Our podiatrist doctor treats any injury or problem affecting the ankle.

    Is your ankle not improving?

    A common complaint among patients presenting with ankle conditions for the first time is that “it just doesn’t get better.   You are not alone.  Chronic ankle pain, either as a result of injury or spontaneous pain that comes “for no reason”, is very common because of the significant forces applied to the ankle with every step you take.   In fact, several studies on this issue have been conducted over the last 10 years and our podiatrist doctor is following the research very closely.  This allows us to treat you as effectively as possible, using a model of “evidence-based medicine”.

    Surgery is almost never necessary for ankle conditions.

    We believe in treating your ankle condition, not only effectively, but also conservatively.   Surgery is always our last resort for treatment, except in the case of certain fractures that require surgical correction to ensure the best result.   We will always explain all the options available to you.

    Get care for your ankle condition now to avoid problems later.

    Early treatment of ankle sprains and other injuries helps prevent long-term problems, including ankle arthritis.   If you experience ankle pain, swelling or instability; contact us today for an appointment.

    Learn more about your ankle condition

    Use the links on our web page to learn more about most of the ankle conditions we treat regularly – we even have self-treatment tips for many ankle problems.

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